Seashells Broome supports flood-affected residents

Seashells Broome donated 186 mattresses to flood-affected communities in the Kimberley last week.

The donations will be used by Department of Communities to support Fitzroy Valley residents in medium to long term accommodation or provided to flood-impacted homes across the 39 remote aboriginal communities in the region and Fitzroy Crossing township.

Department team members helped to wrap and store the mattresses, filling four sea containers.

Seashells General Manager Deb Williams said, “I’ve worked for Seashells for 16 years and the last big cyclone was Cyclone Rosita back in 2000.

“The community all got together then too, and we seemed to get over that one quickly once the water had cleared out.

“This one is different because we have whole communities cut off – it’s very hard for people,” she said.

Deb got in touch with Communities along with a local transport company, and put on extra staff to pack and move the mattresses.

“We were replacing our mattress stock anyway, and we thought what better way to make use of them than to donate to those who need it the most once their accommodation is ready and they are able to get back home,” said Deb.

Dean Wilson Transport loaned four shipping containers and Communities staff spent the morning wrapping and stacking them ready for transport.

Kimberley Regional Executive Director Renee Gioffre said supporting the community in partnership with other businesses and agencies was critical to help affected residents and businesses get back on their feet as the recovery phase progressed.

“It’s great to see local businesses supporting the community, and thinking of ways they can help out.

“We are very grateful to Seashells for reaching out with the offer of these mattresses which is very much needed.

“With logistical challenges associated with transporting goods by air and road, this is a great help and will be much appreciated by residents who may have extra family staying with them while their homes are being repaired,” she said.

Mattresses donated