Seashells Style

The Seashells Style

Relaxed elegance and a friendly welcoming vibe are the hallmarks of the Seashells culture and vibe.

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The Seashells style

Relaxed elegance and a friendly welcoming vibe are the hallmarks of our culture.

Seashells aims to offer a truly memorable experience for every occasion and all tastes with quality, award-winning and affordable accommodation in beautiful surroundings. These qualities connect and underpin each property, with each exuding its own unique personality, inspired by its location and environment.

It’s the little things that count

Like having space around you to relax, an apartment equipped with kitchen and laundry essentials, BBQ facilities so you can hang out at your home away from home, places for the kids to play, free movies and free wifi.

Privacy & Freedom

The interiors of our apartments are designed to flow into the beachscape or outdoors, gently immersing guests in their holiday locale. With fully equipped apartments you can be as self-sufficient as you choose, but our staff are on hand and happy to help if you need them.

Service beyond expectation

Guests enjoy complimentary uses of all the property’s facilities. Coupled with Seashells’ attentive and personal service, we ensure every guest is treated to a premium and memorable holiday.

Affordable luxury

Our stunning luxury apartment living is attractive to holidaymakers, families and corporate executives; offering all guests value for money and a welcome and affordable alternative to hotels.

So when you treat yourself to a little Seashells Hospitality you'll find we remember it's the little things that count!


Our aim is to provide our guests with excellent service and hospitality by providing quality Properties. The hospitality industry is all about service, consumer demand, communication and customer satisfaction.  

Seashells Hospitality Group’s team of trained, helpful and friendly staff strive to provide a standard of service and accommodation value beyond the Customer’s expectations. We have identified the needs of our investors and by increasing awareness and occupancy through providing quality self-contained accommodation in prime locations, at affordable prices, their investment will continue to grow.   

We will strive to be recognised as a significant contributor to the growth and development of the hospitality industry in Australia.

We remember, it’s the little things that count!


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