Scarborough Beach Redevelopment

Changes are taking place along the Scarborough beachfront, including the beach in front of Seashells Scarborough.

The Western Australian Government and the City of Stirling have committed $75.4 million over 3 years into reshaping our iconic coastal landmark into an exciting, world-class tourist destination, transforming the Scarborough Beach foreshore into one of Australia’s best beachfronts.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has been charged with the task of revitalising Scarborough Beach, drawing on its unique identity to create a vibrant hub of activity with facilities, events and activities and enhance its reputation as a great meeting place for families and people of all ages.

Several new destinations are being created including:

  • Scarborough Square – the heart of the redevelopment surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops
  • Sunset Hill – a sloping hill offering scenic views over the ocean with rolling access to the beach, new promenades and nature-based activities spaces
  • Beach Hub – offering a mix of recreational and retail spaces for the community to enjoy, including the SSLSC and the City of Stirling’s beach service facilities (nearest to Seashells)
  • Intergenerational Plaza – a multi-use space for sports activities and events featuring a skate park, climbing wall and half-court basketball area
  • Transit Hub – the central landscaped entry point to Scarborough.

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You can find out more on the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority website: or contact the MRA on 1800 639 726 or

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the construction phase of the redevelopment.